What is Roamer Robot?


The foundation of Kinder I.T.! Level 1 is Roamer™, a programmable robot on wheels who will become your child’s “student.” Your child, working with his or her group mates, will learn to “speak” Roamer’s simple but powerful programming language, then “teach” his or her Roamer to solve a series of problems from mathematics, science, geography, art, and many other subject areas.

Unlike the PC computer, the Roamer robot demands that children become active programmers—without their input the Roamer simply will not  move!  Its keyboard and language are simple enough for very young children to begin actively exploring Information Technology, yet powerful enough to grow as your child does. Here’s what your kids and Roamer will do together: Continue reading

Newton-one of history’s great workaholics

We tend to love anecdotes about apples and eurekas because they make scientific genius seem more human and more random, but that other great Cambridge denizen Sir Leslie Stephen was closer to the mark when he claimed genius was “the capacity for taking trouble.” Isaac Newton was one of the great workaholics of all time, as well as one of the great insomniacs. His industry and application made Bertrand Russell look like a slacker (and, like Russell, he was morbidly afraid of fire among his papers and books—fire which did, in fact, more than once break out).

via Flaws of Gravity | vanityfair.com.

Cf links to Perfect Practice, talent vs (perfect) practice, and “10,000 hours to genius” Univ of Florida

MIND TOOLS Wish List UCSD Extension “21st Century (Summer) Learning ZONE”

Lakeshore Learning MIND TOOLS wish list:

  1. 100 Wood Blocks $20
  2. TImbers Tumbles $39
  3. Magnetic C???? $32
  4. Melissa and Don: Buckles and Other Puzzles: Food Pyramid
  5. Rewards: Recognition Awards: Attention is Love: Rubber Frogs: Multicolor:
  6. Rewards: Stickers: Frogs, Fish, etc.Sealife Stickers?; Buy Whole Earth Stickers ONLINE
    NOTE: create conversion system
  7. Place Value (everyday read us the numbers):
  8. Place Value Kit—For BANK GAME
  9. Math and Learn Counting Board
  10. Abacus
  11. Math War/Multiplication Card Game
  12. Large TIMER
  13. Electrical MAZE GAME (great tie-in for Matter*Energy*Life)

Gates Foundation Ed Leader: It’s all about the teacher | Oregon Education – OregonLive.com

Gates and Phillips now openly admit: School structure is not the key. (Parents and educators in Portland Public School make use that same line about Phillips’ main, and unfinished, initiative while in PPS: creating K-8 schools in place of middle schools.)

So, the foundation now plans to pour at least half a billion dollars into a teacher quality initiative.

via Ex-Portland Superintendent: It’s all about the teacher | Oregon Education – OregonLive.com.