Tracking the Ancestry of Corn Back 9,000 Years –

Dr. Beadle returned to the issue and sought ways to gather more evidence. As a great geneticist, he knew that one way to examine the parentage of two individuals was to cross them and then to cross their offspring and see how often the parental forms appeared. He crossed maize and teosinte, then crossed the hybrids, and grew 50,000 plants. He obtained plants that resembled teosinte and maize at a frequency that indicated that just four or five genes controlled the major differences between the two plants.

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For “Why Study Math?” First Week of School–Also Homework Design

I showed Dan’s video to my freshmen study hall. The first thing it showed me is how much they still need to read. They had a hard time following Dan’s vocabulary, which, while he is well spoken, he isn’t exactly Mary Shelley or anything.

Second, they totally agreed with him. I have a really great mix of high and low achievers in this study hall. All of them responded the same way. They said, why can’t we just ask simple questions that need math? One kid said he hates doing math, because he does every homework problem and repeats the same thing that he either understands or doesn’t. Notice that he said he can still do his homework whether he understands the concept or not. Yikes.

Test for math PROBLEM-SOLVING homework–if kids can do by dumb rote–is it really helping?

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How to Fix Math formulas that surpass Working Memory

#Alex Griffin +9 0 ReplyShow8 hours ago: [Part 2]Onto a practical example….Start by explaining the math concept in the simplest “square peg” kind of way… “parenthesis group objects.” And then show them it’s practical use “Parenthesis ability to group objects makes it easy to move ‘blocks’ around and see math in a simpler way”x-3/2+x+3/5+2341234 -254/85 = 28

Confusing? This formula surpasses “Working Memory“.

Add parenthesis & subsitute with variables & we’re well within working memory.

A+B+C = D

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In the Garden – Upside-Down Crops Are Growing in Popularity

IF pests and blight are wrecking your plants, it might be time to turn your garden on its head.

Donald Rutledge, in New Braunfels, Tex., put his buckets on pulleys to protect his plants from deer.

Mark McAlpine made his own containers for his Ontario garden.

Growing crops that dangle upside down from homemade or commercially available planters is growing more popular, and its adherents swear they’ll never come back down to earth.

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Using the USB Microscope-Sample Images and Microscopy Project

Gentlemen, here are some links and sample projects for the microscope.
My model is called the USB Shot and comes with a 50x lense but no stand.

Drivers to download, etc., Visit:
Sample Upper Elementary/Middle School Project:

Microscope and Cell Division

Sample Early Elementary Project–or Intro to Microscope Project for any age.

  • Day 1: teacher intros microscope… theory and practice–demonstrates what it can do
  • Day 2: kids work in small groups to find, focus, and photograph objects (one plant specimen: e.g., flowers or pepper; one mineral specimen, e.g. salt, or metal pins ) that they brought in…’ Each student chooses their favorite shot.
  • Day 3: teacher shows slide show with every student’s best shot-labeled, etc.  Passes out individual shots for students to take home, puts pages with students’ best shots up on bulletin board in each grades homeroom.

Sample Still Photos–first grade project

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Christian, the lion-Lion’s Telepathic 6th sense?

They flew to Nairobi then took a small plane to the camp in Kora, where Adamson came out to meet them.

“Christian arrived last night, ” he said simply. “Hes here with his lionesses and his cubs. Hes outside the camp on his favourite rock. Hes waiting for you.”

Adamson and his wife Joy often talked about the mysterious, apparently telepathic communication skills of lions – particularly between lions and men.Both believed that lions were possessed of a sixth sense and George was convinced that a scientific explanation would one day be found.And here, it seemed, was the proof.

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Math Musings: Chaos and etc… Ralph Abraham

Math Musings II: Chaos and the Environment
by Ralph Abraham
(no math prerequisite required)

Dates: June 12, 19, 26
July 10, 17
Cost:$50.00 pre registration required

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