KinderLogo (Sample Leveled Curriculum for K-5 graders)

We don’t have the logo language, but we do have robots with pens…
** use Pause, change or remove pen, for the missing “Pen Up” command
** add the OTA-specific rules:
(1) always write out your plan in English (pseudo-code)
(2) always write your guess (program) on the dry erase board before you enter it into the robot and try it
*** add line-by-line Oral Exam on successful Program + new commands, ideas learned? repeat command, Loops, etc.

Kinderlogo Activities

Kinderlogo is divided into 5 levels, each with new commands to learn and activities that help children practice and explore them. At each level, students begin with the KL file (KL1 for Level 1, KL2 for Level 2, etc.). They learn the new commands and freely explore with the turtle.

After giving students time to experiment with the turtle, the teacher may guide them in trying specific projects, such as drawing a letter of the alphabet, or designing a house. It is important that the children be allowed to express themselves independently within the scope of the project.

Kinderlogo activities are arranged with a folder for each level. Custom icons, with instructions for applying them, are included with the program.

Link to Kinderlogo Level 1 page Link to Kinderlogo Level 2 page Link to Kinderlogo Level 3 page Link to Kinderlogo Level 4 page Link to Kinderlogo Level 5 page

Click on a folder above to learn about the activities for that level.