La Jolla Underwater Park • Oct 11 Log

 Video Clips

Time Weather Ocean
7:15 AM 48°, Sun 69°
Vis. Surf Tide
5-10′ ≤ 2′ Low +2.4
@ 6:14
3 Divers • 11 Species Observed

Inshore Fishes Survey ( Format)

  • Single • Few (2-10) • Many (11-100) • Abundant
  • |Solo • Pairs • Groups (3-5) • Schools (≥6)
Fish Family Species | ID Photo Links Numbers | Groupings
*** *** ***
Damselfish Garibaldi (adults, larger juveniles) M | solo, groups
Damselfish Blacksmith
Wrasse CA Sheephead (Male) S
Wrasse Rock Wrasse M | solo, groups
Wrasse Señorita
Sea Chub Opaleye M | schools
Sea Chub Zebra Perch M | schools
Sea Chub Halfmoon
Surfperch 18 CA marine species:
Rainbow Perch
Rubberlipped Seaperch
Striped Seaperch
Kelp Perch
Pile Perch

Round Stingray Round Ray
Rhinobatidae Shovelnose Guitarfish ^ (up to 5′) F | solo
Rhinobatidae Banded Guitarfish^ (up to 3′)
Rhinobatidae Bat Ray
Rajidae Thornback Ray
Sea Bass Kelp Bass  lots of larger juveniles M | solo, groups
Sea Bass Barred Sand Bass
Grunt Sargo ^ F |solo
Grunt Salema??|  (big eye bass, striped bass)
Silverside Topsmelt M | schools
Houndshark Soupfin Shark
Houndshark Leopard Shark M
Bullhead Shark Horn Shark S
Tube/ Kelp Blenny Giant Kelpfish 0
Drum/Croaker CA Corbina (Shortfin?) F | pair
  • ^Not on primary species list
  • Note: left Goby, Greenling, Sculpin, & Scorpionfish families off table since rarely seen in shallow waters of the La Jolla Underwater park (except at night, one of our divers reports)

NexGen Slideshow (Jetpack dznt work w/ Sela Theme… so change Theme)

Resources for Identifying Fishes ….

NexGen Thumbnails 

Resources for Fish Taxonomy and Idenification:

Articles on The Classification-of-Life Wars (Taxonomy)

Best Natural History Sites (i.e. not just identification but habitat, place in ecosystem, etc) • focus on Marine Life and Marine Birds

  • Cornell All About Birds: For Identification: Photos, Videos, Recordings + Life History: Habitat, Food, Nesting, Behavior, Conservation: e.g. Snowy Plover; e.g. Brown Pelican

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