Merge all DEFUNCT Science-STEM websites into one!?

Merge all DEFUNCT Science/STEM websites into one!? –New Blog…for Marine Biology At Least?

Bad Heuristics and Bad Education « Leaving trails

This goes on to one of my bigger “beefs” no pun intended with our current school system, which is intent on pushing certain subjects as “necessary” and “required” which are a complete waste of time for most. If we want to look at the reason why we have so much class division in America, we need look no further than our schools, which are intent on making an Engineer out of every child.

  • They teach “Math” and Geometry without teaching basic carpentry skills, or how to balance a checkbook, or how to invest your money.
  • They teach “Verbal” –whatever the hell that is– without teaching Literature.
  • And they teach “Science Reasoning” without ever engaging a child’s mind with Nature, Astronomy, or Navigation techniques.

Maybe the reason our children cannot concentrate in school, is because the content we’re trying to push in their brain is completely useless outside of an SAT, which many people will never have the chance to take.

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