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Shanghai, 2000 • Mental Athletes!

What Was The Math & Science Olympics? {1999-2012}

A Science and Information Technology Program modeled on the US Olympic Development Program, Math & Science Olympics was designed in California and implemented first in Shanghai public schools (at its peak, 35,000 Chinese students were involved). Later the program was offered in the San Diego Unified School District after school program and in charter schools. Many iterations and robots later, it morphed into the CA Math & Science Challenge.

3 Steps to Develop World-class Math & Science “Athletes“:

  • Step 1: Get young kids playing your game;
  • Step 2: Identify those with a true love for it;
  • Step 3: Get them world-class coaching.

See  “VIDEOS” Category to see six-year-olds playing the “game” of math & science.

The Math & Science Olympics begins at age 5 w/ Hands On I.T.!, a K-3 robotics-based programming, problem-solving, & applied mathematics course.

If we reverse the paradigm of passive, click & play “edutainment” software by giving every young child four years of active interaction with robots, mathematical concepts, and information technology, we will produce math-science athletes who can compete anywhere in the world:

Students who can survive, and thrive, in the unpredictable Information Age economy.

In the Math & Science Olympics, children program the computers (not the other way around!)

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