What is a Project “Challenge-Tree”?


Challenge Tree (Noun): Visual Goal-Setting & Planning Tool Designed to Promote Independent Learning and 21st Century Learning Skills: Competence, Confidence, and Creativity (the Problem-Solving Habit).projecttree164

Visual Learning Paths, showing each child a “prepared path” to excellence, are important tools for developing both creativity & confidence. As a child and his or her group successfully solve one Project-Challenge, they may move “up the tree” to the next, seeing their power (their competence and confidence in themselves as I.T. problem-solvers) grow with each step along the upward path. As that power increases, children can “follow their wonder”— their own interests & talents—out onto the “branches” of the Project Tree, where they will find Optional projects that extend core I.T. skills and concepts into such areas as Art, Music, Language Arts, Science, & Mathematics.

The Calendar-Checklist aspect of Project Trees allows children to come
to class every day knowing what Project-Challenges are ahead, and knowing where they are on the “prepared paths” to excellence. It allows them to learn, as part of the I.T. problem-solving curriculum, how to identify problems, and how to plan, schedule, and carry out a plan of attack to solve them—all with a minimum of adult oversight.

The Project Trees Calendar-Checklist helps your child learn, in other words, how to project into the future and see a problem, a Project, or a dream, to completion.