Robot Project-Challenge 1: Knock Over the Towers

Teach Roamer to Knock Over the Towers!
Jon & Dave, two first graders, explore DISTANCE and LIMIT (while learning Roamer’s simple PROGRAMMING SYNTAX) as they conquer the 1st Challenge of the year:
Teach Roamer™ to Knock Over All 3 Towers.
(But Stay in Bounds!)
On their 2nd trial they knock over tower No. 1 using:
CM CM ^6 steps GO!

Math Skills & Concepts in Challenge 1.1: Estimation (distance); Units (Roamer-steps); Number Sense (magnitude, sequence); and more….

Problem-Solving Skills & Concepts: Introduction to Active Problem Solving (teacher gives children learning goals, then gives them the resources, coaching, and free time they need to achieve these goals on their own); Introduction to Scientific Method (write guess; test & learn from results)

Programming Skills & Concepts: Intro to Commands (actions & symbols: CM = Clear Memory; CM CM = Start Over; ^ = forward; GO = Do it!); Syntax Lesson 1 (Word Order: Start Over -> Action -> HowFar/Much/Many? -> Do It!)

Math & Science Olympics!

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