Robot Project-Challenge No. 4 • 1999-2002 Shanghai School District; Santa Fe, USA


Park Roamer in the Garage!

Jon & Dave, age six, explore RIGHT ANGLES as they take on the 4th Challenge: Teach Roamer™ to go down the maze and into the garage (without hitting the bricks!). On their 5th try, they find that 88° solves the problem.

Solution: CM CM ^6 steps –>88° ^2 steps GO!

Math Skills & Concepts in Challenge 1.4: Right Angles; Estimation (distance, arc); Units (Roamer-steps, degrees); and more….

Problem-Solving Skills & Concepts: 3-Step Problem (challenges get more complex as children progress); Active Learning (children are problem-solvers, teacher is coach); Scientific Method (write guess, test & learn from results); Building-Block Method (build upon concepts learned in early Challenges); Simulation (put yourself in Roamer’s ‘shoes’); and more….

Programming Skills & Concepts: Syntax Lessons 1 (Word Order) & 2 (Chains of Commands)

Math & Science Olympics!
• Let’s Get Our Kids in the Game!

Project Tree 1.1: Problem-Solving Tools

Use these Creative Learning tools to help your Robot beat the Project-Challenges!

Creativity is the “Problem-Solving Habit”!

Project Tree 1-1_TOOLS

Rulers: use the ruler here: |————-| to measure this diagram and find out how many Roamer steps it would take to get to the garage.

Protractors: use the protractor to find out: how many degrees in one circle? If Roamer turns ¼ of the way around a circle, how many degrees would he or she have turned?

Dry-Erase Drawing Boards & Roamer Pens: Drawing boards help you keep track of and quickly change your guesses; Roamer pens help you trace Roamers path so you can see what corrections you need to make when your first guess doesn’t work.

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